Rowing WOD 11/3/15: 3Rds – 1min Max Distance, 1min Max Air Squats, 1min Rest – Post Scores

Rowing WOD:

Get Hungry for next Spring! Winter training starts now!

3 Rounds

1min Max Distance Row

1min Max Rep Air Squats

1min Rest

As rowers we seek to develop the strength and power of our legs.  As Athletes training for General Physical Preparedness we seek to develop the core and our ability to extend the hips.  The combination of the two if done well can produce amazing rowers.  Take a look at gold medal winner Erin Cafaro for example.  However, if done poorly, the combination of rowing, strength, and fitness can tear the body apart.  Today’s Rowing WOD is a great example.  If you throw caution to the wind, flail around on the erg, and let your knees cave in the squat you will hurt something.  Focus on good posture in both the rowing and air squats and keep good control through the whole range of motion.  Go hard and push your limits, but don’t compromise your form.

Post Total Meters and Total Air Squats to Comments.

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