Rowing WOD 11/13/15: “It’s all about the …” – 5RFT – 250m Row, 10 Goblet Squats – Post Time

 Rowing WOD:

Break Parallel and Explode Up Through The Heels!

“It’s all about the …”

5 Rounds For Time

250m Row (@2k-2)

10 Goblet Squats to the Erg (25/15 lbs.)

Whether you want to win the Renegade Rowing Cup for your Box, take home the hammer from the CRASH-Bs, conquer the games, or just live a healthier life, you will need to be able to powerfully extend your hips.  In rowing specifically, we need to be able to turn on our glutes and hamstrings quickly in order to pick up the boat or flywheel before they die.  Getting our motor neurons to fire quickly in order to drive through the heels is the name of the game.  In today’s Rowing WOD use the erg seat, or the erg rail if the seat is to high, for goblet squats.  Focus on getting to the same depth every time, kissing the erg, and then exploding through the heels.  The weight is light, so focus on good foundational movement and generating speed with the legs and hips.  Cycle through the squats with good form as fast as possible.  If you think you have what it takes to go heavier, say 45/35 lbs., make sure you maintain the same explosive speed on the drive of the Goblet Squat that you have at lighter weight.  During the 250m pieces you can practice your 2k start and then fight to consistently hold a 500m Split that is 2 seconds faster than your current 2k average split.

Post your time and average splits to comments!  Also, would you wear a RR shirt that said that … “It’s all about the …”, strategically placed of course.  Let us know!

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