Rowing WOD 2/10/16: 3RFT – 500m Row, 15 Pull Ups, 15 DB GTO – Post Time

Rowing WOD:

RRC crushing 250's in preparation for CRASH-B's

RRC crushing 250’s in preparation for CRASH-B’s

3 Rounds for time…

500m Row
15 Pull ups
15 Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (45/30 lb.)

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about intensity and efficiency.  On all three movements if you can figure out how to move through the hips with explosive and consistent power then you’ll dominate.  The minute you start to tense those arms and break the elbows early you’ll be finished.  Use this WOD as an opportunity to put to use the explosive hip extension you’ve been training.  Focus on form, but when you’ve found a consistent rhythm bring that intensity to the next level and push it out!  Intensity is defined as power and is how we get results.  Get after it!

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