What are you talking about? – Performance and Self Talk – DC 5/22


Performance is the beautiful moment in sport when an athlete gets to put it all together.  Performance is the combination of mind and body, of physical and mental preparation.  Performance is when an athlete gets to challenge the skills they’ve learned in order to feel total immersion in the activity.  Those who perform best experience a narrow focus of attention on the present and no fear of failure.  Exceptional performance feels like complete control, the slowing of time, and the feeling of everything being automatic and effortless.  To perform well athletes must have control over emotion, thoughts, and arousal.  They must exist in a state of high self-confidence, be physically and mentally relaxed, and highly energized.  Some of the tools we’ll use to improve performance include concentration and self-talk.

Self Talk

Self-talk is that “voice inside your head” otherwise known as your thoughts.  The mind controls the body and being aware of what that voice is saying can improve performance.

Daily Challenge 5/22:

Check Yourself!  During your work today, whether it be in the gym, a meeting, or at home, make sure you’re using positive self talk and not adding undue stress to your performance.

Post your thoughts to comments.  How does self talk affect your performance?

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