Rest Day 7/26: On the Erg, what number do you set your feet at?

Rest Day 7/26:

On the Erg,

What number do you set your feet at?

Changing the height that your heels are set at on the Concept2 Erg can greatly influence the comfort level and efficiency of your rowing.  If you have tight hamstrings or hips, and have trouble compressing all the way to vertical shins at the catch, you may want to lower your feet one or two numbers on the footboard.  This will allow you to stay in a more upright and strong position at the catch.  However, we do want to create force in the horizontal direction and if the feet are to low you’ll be standing up off the seat every stroke.  If you tend to come up off your seat too much try raising your feet.  Raising the feet allows you to push and apply force in a more horizontal direction.  Keep in mind that the closer your heels are to your seat the more flexibility is required in the hips, hamstrings, and ankles to get full compression at the catch with your chest up.

Play around with where your feet are set and share what works for you.

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