Rest Day 12/19/13: What does your warmup entail? – Share!

RR Decal for Competitors at Renegade Rowing League!

RR Decal for Competitors at Renegade Rowing League!

Performing an appropriate warmup for the workout that is set out each day can make or break a performance.  Below is the warmup we use fairly consistently in classes at CrossFit Boston and at the Renegade Rowing Club.  It’s a good 10min warmup to focus on control, connection, and recovering to strength.  Checkout how slow the Renegade Rowing Club approaches the catch in the beginning.  Executing this drill with control will allow you to really focus on putting technique changes into effect and hitting that catch with good timing and connection.

Please share what you do for a warmup when rowing is involved in the workout.  What is your focus?

Renegade Rowing Club Warmup:

1min – 1/2 Legs Only

1min – Full Legs Only

1min – Legs and Body Only

1min – Full Stroke

1min – Pause @1/2 Slide Every Stroke

5min – 10 Strokes On/ 10 Strokes Off, 15 On/15 Off, 20 On/20 Off

2 thoughts on “Rest Day 12/19/13: What does your warmup entail? – Share!

  1. Pace of first 5 minutes? – somewhere I thought I had seen/heard that the appropriate pace was 20 s/m. Or does it matter as long as you’re not applying full pressure?
    Whatever the first 5 minute pace is, do we then replicate that pace when do the 10 off, 15 off etc?

    • Ya the first 5min of the 10min warmup is at 20s/m. The second 5min involves On strokes and Off strokes. The On strokes should be at race pace, so 28-32s/m and full pressure. 10 On, 10 Off, 15 On, 15 Off, 20 On, 20 Off. Hope this helps!

      On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 10:24 AM, Renegade Rowing wrote:


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