Rowing WOD 12/23/13: 2x15min w/ 5min Rest – Post Distances

Rowing WOD 12/23/13:

RR Decal for Competitors at Renegade Rowing League!

RR Decal for Competitors at Renegade Rowing League!

2 x 15′ w/ 5′ Rest

  • 5′ @ 20 s/m
  • 5′ @ 22
  • 3′ @ 24
  • 2′ @ 26

Saturday we crushed a 2k at the first race of the Renegade Rowing League.  Results are in and can be found below.  Many thanks to all those that competed, especially the rowers that joined us from North Shore CrossFit, Community Rowing Inc., and CrossFit Full Potential!  We had a total of 20 athletes including the Renegade Rowing Club throwdown head to head over 2,000m on the Concept2 Ergometer.  We held three heats with the women competing first and the men competing in the second and third heats.  Everyone had a blast and the winner of each event got one of the new Renegade Rowing T-Shirts.

Today’s Rowing WOD is a chance to work on Rhythm and Timing while building some aerobic endurance.  In long chippers rowing can be used as active recovery and a chance to catch your breath.  Try to find the efficient rhythm and consistent pressure you’ll need to recover mid WOD.  Every five minutes the rating will change to keep you focused.  Try to fix one part of your stroke each five minutes.  Your effort level on this should be such that you can get out sentences to a neighbor, but breathing is labored.  In the last five minutes keep your efficiency but really try to bring the split down as the stroke rating increases.

Post your distance rowed each piece!

**** The next Renegade Rowing League is scheduled for January 25th! Get ready because it’ll be even bigger as we approach the final month before CRASH-B’s! ****

Renegade Rowing League Results 12-21-13

6 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/23/13: 2x15min w/ 5min Rest – Post Distances

  1. Am always in a quandary for these long pieces as to what my pace ought to be.
    15 min, 3,579m, 2:05.7 /22
    5 min, 1,174m, 2:07.7 /20
    10. 1,194m, 2:05.6 /22
    15. 1,210m, 2:03.9 /25

    15 min, 3,659m, 2:02.9 /22
    5. 1,206m, 2:04.3 /20
    10. 1,220m, 2:02.9 /22
    15. 1,233m, 2:01.6 /25

    Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas Ward! That’s awesome execution. If you start keeping track of the long pieces you’ll get more of a sense. Challenge yourself and do what you can. If you negative split them like that you’re doing well.

  2. Question coach – I’ve struggled with the execution of rating changes. Today went much better – is the secret to maintain a normal stoke through the release & control the timing from the half slide to the catch?

    • That is exactly the idea Ward! Whatever acceleration is built by the end of the stroke, you want to mirror the speed of the hands coming into your body with the speed of your hands leaving your body. If your quick, clean, and smooth with the hands and body over, then you have more time to adjust your stroke rating as your seat slides forward. When you’re working for ratio and controlling stroke rating it is usually done with the last few inches of the slide as you approach the catch. Great stuff!

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