Rest Day 2/9/14: Thanks and Congrats to our Renegades in Texas!

Renegades are ready for CRASH-B's!  Bring it on!

Renegades are ready for CRASH-B’s! Bring it on!

I hope you all get to have a restful Sunday and enjoy watching some awesome competition at the Winter Olympics with your family and friends.  It has been a great winter of training hard and inspiring more and more people to not just row, but row well and row hard.  With all of the rowing that takes place in Boston it has been a privilege to interact with Renegade Rowing Athletes following the blog and training across the world.  It’s especially been amazing interacting with all of the athletes finding rowing in the state of Texas.  Recently I received an email from Ward who has been training right along with the Renegade Rowing Club this winter.  He’s a masters rower who competed at the Dallas SWEAT’s Indoor Rowing Competition (Southwest Ergometer Amateur Tournament) and he’s made some awesome gains.

Thanks Ward and every Renegade Rower in Texas for pushing hard this winter and sharing your experience with us!  Keep up the hard work!

Here’s what Ward had to say about his Renegade Rowing Experience:

” Coach Pat,

Thank you for letting me tag along with your merry RRL band of athletes. Via internet, YouTube, programming and perhaps most importantly – the explanations of why we are doing and what we hope to accomplish from each WOD – you have taken me from not having a clue to actually having the confidence to create a 2K game plan.  I print out all of the WODs and occasionally go back and re-read the explanations – more than once a light bulb goes off; agh, this is what he means.

There is no doubt that had I been in Boston with your group, or even had a training partner vs training solo in Dallas I could have made greater physical gains, but that does not diminish the incredible job you have done in effectively teaching concepts, encouraging effort and making this a fun journey.

This morning I had a 2K PR at SWEAT: 7:37.4 (Masters 65+).
Thanks Pat!  Good luck at Crash B’s.

-Ward ”

You’re the man Ward!

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