Rest Day 3/2/14: Who’s doing “14.1” again? – Share

The Morning Crew at CFB attacking 14.1

The Morning Crew at CFB attacking 14.1

The CrossFit Games Open has begun and “14.1” was announced on Thursday at 8pm EST.  It is actually a repeat of the very first open workout “11.1”.  I was lucky enough to know what CrossFit was at the time and can remember cheering on the athletes of CrossFit Morristown competing in Montclair, NJ that year.  On Thursday night I decided to give it a go at CrossFit Boston and let me tell you it is an epic workout.  I don’t think I’ll do it again, but that topic always seems to be hot.  Will you do “14.1” twice to try and better your score?  Will you be consistent with that strategy for each weak of the Open?  There is definitely something to be said for the learning curve and figuring out how to best game a workout for yourself.

Please share if you’ve given it a shot, what you scored, and if you’ll be doing it again before Monday night!

I got 263 Reps.  Good Luck!

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