Rowing WOD 3/22/14: 6 x 1:30 On / 1:30 Off for Max Calories – Post Favorite Drag Factor!

Rowing WOD:

CFB getting after some rowing!  Renegade Rowing Team Sign Ups!

CFB getting after some rowing! Renegade Rowing Team Sign Ups and RRL 1k Sign Ups!

6 x 1:30 On / 1:30 Off for Max Calories as Follows:

1. @Damper of 10

2. @D4

3. @D8

4. @D6

5. @D2

6. @D5

  • FOCUS: Efficiency!
  • Post which piece you achieved Max Calories and the corresponding Damper Setting.
  • Then, set the Erg to that damper setting and figure out the Drag Factor.
  • Post your Favorite Drag Factor to comments.

Strength WOD:

7×2 Shoulder Press @87.5%

  • Post Loads to Comments

Conditioning WOD:

AMRAP 7min

15 Calorie Row

10 Toes to Bar

5 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs.)

  • Use the Drag Factor from the Rowing WOD.
  • Practice your transitions for “14.4”.
  • Post Score to Comments

Are you ready for “14.4”?

To be honest, I wasn’t.  I have been dreaming for the last three years that rowing would be included in the Open.  This year I had pretty much given up on that dream.  But now it’s finally here!!!  Rowing has been thrown into an epic chipper and now the world is wondering what Damper they should row on.  Or is it the Drag Factor they should be looking for?

I coached the CFB morning crew through “14.4” on Friday morning and my advice to them was to sit tall, be smooth, and be efficient.  I told every athlete that asked about damper settings to choose their most efficient setting.  No need to get crazy and try something you haven’t done before.  Set the erg to how you’re used to rowing and then row well.

If you don’t know where you’re most efficient, today’s Rowing WOD is a good opportunity to figure that out.  Each piece you’ll have an opportunity to try a different Damper Setting.  After you’ve finished be sure to go back in and determine the Drag Factor associated with your most efficient Damper Setting.  The Drag Factor is what you’re really after so that the feel of the erg will be the same next time you attempt “14.4”.  If you have time and would like to try out your new Drag Factor, give today’s Conditioning WOD a shot.

Focus on clean transitions, go hard, and have some fun!

Post your thoughts on the best Drag Factor for “14.4” to comments!

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