Rest Day 8/10/14: What is Renegade Rowing? – Check it out!

Rest Day:

What is Renegade Rowing?

This is a video highlighting everything that I’ve done with Renegade Rowing thus far and describing what Renegade Rowing is today.  There has been a daily blog from day one providing you with a Rowing Workout of the Day and a few thoughts to focus on while you attack it.  Many people from around the country and the world have jumped on board and given the Rowing WOD a shot as part of their regular training routine.  Thank you to everyone out there who has posted their results, commented with their experience, and given me great feedback.  I look forward to pushing you every single day and I love to hear your results.  Keep up the great work!

Calling all Renegades or potential Renegades in the Boston Area!  This video is for you.  If you’d like to row faster, than you need to schedule a consultation with me and start pushing to reach your goals.  Click here to set up your consultation now!

2 thoughts on “Rest Day 8/10/14: What is Renegade Rowing? – Check it out!

  1. I love your site and read your wods every day. I coach the rowing classes at Crossfit St. Louis and find your blog posts insightful and helpful. Thank you for providing such an amazing resource.

    • Thanks Leeny! Glad you like it! If there’s anything your interested in learning more about or if you have any questions be sure to let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out! Thanks!

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