Rowing WOD 11/21/14: Peak Power Test and Tabata Starts – Post Max Watts and Fastest Start

Rowing WOD:

Focused. Ready.

Peak Power Test

  • Post Max Watts to Comments.

Tabata Row for Lowest Split

8x :20 On/ :10 Off

  • Practice your Starting Sequence each round.
  • Post Lowest Split hit to Comments.

Strength WOD:

5×5 Shoulder Press


4×6 Pull Ups

4×6 Dips

The focus of today is Power and Preparation for the 2k Start, so be sure to get in the Rowing and Strength WOD. If time allows, choose the blocks that will help you improve as an athlete. If you have enough time and energy for all three blocks then attack them all!

For the Peak Power Test set the monitor for 20 seconds of work and 2 minutes of rest. Start by paddling a couple of strokes to get the fan moving and then go for max watts. It may help to video the test or have a partner watch to tell you the highest watts you pulled in just one stroke. During the 2 minutes of rest paddle lightly or roll out. Take 3 or 4 tries to find your max wattage starting with the damper set low and increasing the drag each successive try. At some point you’ll find a drag that you like and gives you the most power. Your score for the Peak Power Test is the Max Watts pulled in just one stroke.

Give us your best and share your results and experience to comments!

Who’s Ready to test the 2k Saturday?

Renegade Rowing League – Saturday, November 22nd @8am @CFB

2 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 11/21/14: Peak Power Test and Tabata Starts – Post Max Watts and Fastest Start

  1. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to learn from the data other than I was able to produce more wattage this go around than in Oct.; but in both cases, the higher the drag, the higher the wattage. Yet I don’t ever use a damper setting above 7 except for this type of drill – what am I missing?
    Damper. October 31. Nov 20
    7. 470. 539
    8. 500. 574
    10. 523. 621

    Fastest Tabata split: 1:36.1 @ 39 s/m

    • Good question Ward! As you continue to develop your rowing prowess you will be able to hit higher watts on lower damper/drag factor settings. As that time draws near you will be more efficient and more powerful. Right now you need the higher drag (heavy feeling fan) to turn all of your muscles and develop the most power possible. As we get better at turning on all of our muscles without the high drag, by creating the resistance ourselves, quicker, and with better timing, you will be able to hit higher watts at lower drags. In short, no worries, you’re doing great! Well done improving your peak power! Keep that progress going and you’ll crush your 2k goal.

      On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 10:04 AM, Renegade Rowing wrote:


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