How can “Jurassic” help you? and What do you eat before a workout?

Checkout the post below from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition for some good info and ideas on what to eat before a workout.

Here is a Video Review of Ward aka “Jurassic” rowing at 30s/m.  Take a look and see if there is anything you can fix or improve upon just like him.  Share you thoughts and what you’re going to do better in the comments.

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What Should I Eat Before a Workout??

Deciding what to eat day-to-day can be challenging. Choosing the best thing to eat – a meal that will give you energy to perform without making you feel too full, sick, or hungry – can be even more challenging. Every workout is different, so how you fuel for each one will be different too. You probably wouldn’t eat the same breakfast before a 2K test as you would before a 10 mile run. Read on for some basic pre-workout meal guidelines and some ideas for before a workout.

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Then share your favorite pre-workout meal and thoughts on your rowing stroke in the comments!

7 thoughts on “How can “Jurassic” help you? and What do you eat before a workout?

  1. Awesome Coach! Here are the major stroke weaknesses, here’s where your body s/b, this is what you can expect from the change, and here are the tools to affect the change – thank you very much!!

  2. I’m just curious what setting he has his foot stretchers on. Is he out of holes? If not, I’d maybe suggest dropping them down a notch to give him a little more room at the catch. He’s got good, long rower’s legs, but if he is limited on his room at the catch with regard to his foot position, it will be harder for him to get his shoulders in front of his hips on the recovery.

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