Rowing WOD 11/27/15: 4:00 Max Distance, Tabata Squats, 4:00 Max Distance – Post Distances and Total Squats

 Rowing WOD:

Competitors crushing the 2k at the Third Race of the Renegade Rowing League!

4:00 Row – Max Distance (2k Pace)

1min Rest

Tabata Air Squats – Max Reps

  • 8 Intervals
  • :20 Work / :10 Rest
  • Count Total Number of Squats

1min Rest

4:00 Row – Max Distance (2k Pace)

Today is an opportunity to work off all the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes you crushed yesterday.  Pick a goal, ideally somewhere around your 2k split, that you’re going to hold every stroke while you row.  If you can focus on consistent pressure and count the number of consecutive strokes you row at that goal split, the 4:00 will be over before you know it.  During the Tabata Air Squats be sure to get full depth and full extension, hip crease below the knee and butt squeezed at the top.  If you short yourself the quads will get blown up and your knees will be aggravated tomorrow.  Fight for perfect form and do as many air squats as possible every interval.  Count the total number of reps completed over all 8 intervals.  Last but not least, try to maintain form and pressure on the second erg piece.  As your legs come back to life, try to bring the split back to where it was in the first piece.

The Renegade Rowing League is coming December 12th!  Have fun and get after it!

Post your total distance for each piece and you total air squats to comments.

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