The Renegade Rowing Project – Back at it!

The Renegade Rowing Project

Back at it w/ Coach Pat

It’s been a couple of years since you’ve regularly heard from me on the blog.  I’ve been busy sharing the sport of rowing with the world at Community Rowing Inc.  While I will still be forging ahead as a Rowing Ambassador at CRI, I wanted to get myself and others motivated to keep training and improving.  That’s where the Renegade Rowing Project comes in.  I will be doing my best to post every Sunday night with a new plan for the week and a weekly challenge.  If you’d like to join the Renegade Rowing Project all you have to do is jump on in and join the fun.  Be sure to post your results and experience to comments or share them on social media.  We’ll be doing the same using @RenegadeRowing and the tags #RenegadeRowingProject #RowStrong.  I look forward to getting after it with you!

Weekly Challenge:

Spend 2min in the bottom of a squat each day … tell us how it goes!

Weekly Training Plan:

RRP 11-13-17

Renegade Rowing Training Plan Template

Why Row?

Rowing is the utmost definition of Sport in modern society. Merriam-Webster and give two definitions of sport. One, Sport is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Two, Sport is a source of diversion and recreation engaged in for pleasure. Whether you’re a middle school rower just learning to scull or an Olympic hopeful trying out for the national team, Rowing provides challenge, competition, and fun.

Rowing trumps all because it offers the best of sport. It tests our skill and athleticism as individuals and as part of a team. Rowing requires an unwavering calm and trust that pushing yourself to wit’s end without seeing where you’re going will develop personal satisfaction and boat speed. It takes balance, grace, and power. Rowing is saying goodbye to the chaos of life by shoving off the dock and taking time for yourself and your team to focus on a common goal.

A Quick Note

Our plan will be combining the best of many worlds, rowing, fitness, strength, nutrition, mobility, flexibility, and recovery. The goal of this post is to outline all the tools available in our plan. This post will introduce certain principles and ideas that will be important to know when following our plan. If it’s not possible to include all of the details for a certain part of our plan here, then those details will be covered in separate posts. If you only read this post you should have a strong idea of how our plan will run. Just know that everything we do has a purpose and your coaches are happy to explain any part of the plan you may be curious about.

Where Do We Go From Here?

As you can tell our plan is different. It challenges the standard long slow distance model of training by combining more high intensity interval training through strength and conditioning and rowing. The best way to get a handle on our plan is to see it in action. The following attachments outline the Renegade Rowing Training Plan Template and give examples for the work we will be doing day in and day out. The best advice we can give you is to keep an open mind, be ready to learn and work hard, and be ready to be part of something. Take a look at the charts, calculations, and diagrams, but most of all get in the gym, get in the boat, and give it everything you’ve got. This is our plan and we’ll know best how to improve and progress toward our goals by the work we do together. We take pride in being different. We are specialized generalists who are experts in both fitness and rowing. Our plan develops firsthand athletes that know how to compete, work hard, and row fast based on personal experience. We will be strong and row fast for life.

If you’re curious or have questions about anything please ask!


10 thoughts on “The Renegade Rowing Project – Back at it!

    • Thanks Tom! I’ll be posting them on Sundays for now. If you have questions let me know. I️ just did the 45’ steady state as a run to kick off the week. Looking forward to a lift and conditioning later today.

  1. Coach Pat’s Tuesday: 1k row warmup (1:59avg), 6x250m w/ 45sec rest (1:55 -> 1:36 neg avgs), 45sec On x 15sec Off (24 KB Swings; 14 box Jumps; 24 KB Swings; 14 Box Jumps), then 6×6 Strict Press (45-45-65-65-75-75). Rehabing Shoulder, so good to get this in.

  2. CP’s Wednesday: 3×10 BS (135-135-135), “Nancy In a Modified Boat” – 5RFT, 500m Row, 7 OH Squats w/ BB, 5 Push Ups (15:11). Shoulder surviving, good push to get over the hump. Hope to do a bit of running tonight.

  3. Welcome Back
    I’m looking for a 2K (1st weekend of Feb 2018) prep to lay on top of my boxes current CF training. Would you recommend your race or endurance pieces?

    • Hi Jurassic! Great to hear from you and glad you’re still crushing it! I’d recommend the endurance pieces from now until the new year on top of your box’s training. Starting in January add in or substitute the race pieces and start dialing in your race plan. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. CP’s Thursday: Did CRI’s Drive Rowing Studio class. It was epic. Rowed along with a floor to ceiling video of an elite rowing training on the Charles River. 3x (2’@22, 1’@30, 2’@22, 1’@30, 2’@22, 1’@30). Good Stuff!

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