Rest Day 1/14/16: When is your next 2k test? – 15min Mobility

Rest Day:

RRC getting after some Hamstring Mobility

RRC getting after some Hamstring Mobility

When is your next 2k test?

CRASH-B’s are almost one month away!  They are otherwise known as the World Indoor Rowing Championships and they’re held at Boston University’s Agganis Arena on February 28th.  There will be hundreds of rowers and crossfitters from around the country and world descending on Boston to try to claim a hammer and a personal best.  Many of these athletes have been training all winter.  Knowing where their current 2k is and how they’ll respond to the pain and glory of competition is key.  That is why they’ll test their 2k probably within the next week.

Here at Renegade Rowing we will be hosting an opportunity for athletes from around Boston to come experience the competition they’ll see at CRASH-Bs.  The second race of this  winter’s Renegade Rowing League will be a 2k from 8am-9am this Saturday, January 16th at Our Crew Fitness.  Anyone wishing to compete and test their 2k can come on by 100 Holton Ave and give it a go.  The entry fee is $15.  Register here.

Below is a video of the Renegade Rowing League.  Take a look and then go take 15 minutes out of your day to focus on mobilizing your ankles, hamstrings, and hips!

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