Our Mission

Renegade Rowing aims to create a healthy community of firsthand athletes by combining the best of rowing, fitness, and strength training through competition.  Our methods focus on building general physical preparedness and enabling rowing specific skill.  Every member will develop his or her strength and fitness in order to row faster and longer.  Renegade Rowers dare to be different and seize the opportunity to achieve their true potential.  Daily competition allows us to track progress toward our goals, but more importantly to have fun and experience the journey.

Renegade Rowing is not your typical rowing program or your typical strength and conditioning program. We’re not interested in the way things have always been. Traditionally strength and conditioning is something your rowing coach has recommended in the off-season through “other” facilities and “other” coaches. What if those “other” places have never rowed before? Can they really understand what your coach needs you to improve and strengthen?

Renegade Rowing offers a solution. Renegade athletes train at the premier facility for rowing and fitness in the Boston area, Arsenal Performance, with world-class coaching. We offer the committed athlete an opportunity to develop the general physical preparedness needed for competitive rowing along with the sport specificity to truly compete. We seek athletes who dare to be different and seize the opportunity to achieve their true potential. Renegade Rowing coaches expect hard-working athletes who are motivated to make a change and fight for their goals.

Renegade Rowing is not just for rowers, it is also for the competitive athlete.  Any athlete in any sport can benefit from becoming a renegade and learning how the combination of rowing and fitness can lead to unparalleled results.  Whether it’s achieving more consistent pressure through the middle of your Olympic Lifts, developing greater cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, or increasing your ability to deal with metabolic waste.  Rowing is a sport of strength and endurance requiring both power and grace.  The skills learned in Renegade Rowing will allow athletes to move better and faster in any arena.

As a member of the Renegade Rowing Community athletes can expect to be challenged on a daily basis. Your Renegade Coach will help you find your weak points and show you how to strengthen them. The coaching at Renegade Rowing is positive, energetic, and engaging. Athletes will learn how to move, jump, lift, throw, and row. Every Renegade Athlete will receive the individualized feedback and instruction they need to get stronger and row faster.

Coach Pat’s CredentialsCoach Pat GS1
Advanced Certificate in Rowing Leadership – Institute for Rowing Leadership
C.S.C.S. – National Strength and Conditioning Association
M.E. – Stevens Institute of Technology
B.S. – University of Vermont
Patrick Larcom is an ambassador for the Sport of Rowing and Fitness. He rowed for the University of Vermont and has been coaching competitive juniors, collegiate athletes, and adults since 2009. He has combined his passion for rowing and fitness by offering rowing workshops and instruction to members and coaches at gyms and organizations across the Northeast and the globe. In 2012, Patrick graduated in the inaugural class of the Institute for Rowing Leadership at Community Rowing Inc.

RR Coach Pat

By day, Patrick is the Head Coach of Renegade Rowing and a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Radcliffe Lightweight Women. By night, he programs strength and conditioning workouts for the Arsenal Rowing team at Arsenal Performance. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and he is a US Rowing Level III Certified Coach.

Coach Pat at HOCRPatrick dreams of the day when racing on the water is available everywhere and every athlete has experienced not only the power and grace of flying across the water, but the power and speed developed in the Olympic lifts. Patrick enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for both rowing and strength training in a practical and applicable way with coaches and athletes around the world by engaging them both in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the water.

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