Rest Day 1/7/16: We’re Back! Check your Technique!

Anja's back in town and crushing it!

Anja’s back in town and crushing it!

Happy New Year Renegades!  I hope you had a great holiday season with family and friends.  I had a chance to explore Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Vermont since our last post.  The hot weather was nice, but I’m very excited for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing this winter.  When you’re not in the gym training hard be sure to get outside and enjoy this beautiful world we live in.  With out further ado, back to work!  Keep an eye out for changes to the website and new announcements.  I recently started a new job at Community Rowing Inc. and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Check your Technique!

What do you need work on?

To start off the new year the Renegade Rowing Club has added some triple pause drills into their warmup to really dial in their body awareness and technique.  Below is a video I took on Thursday morning of the :30 pieces that were programmed last Tuesday.  Listen carefully and you might hear me calling hustles for each Renegade to continue working on the changes they addressed in the warmup.

Use today as an active rest day and take 15 minutes to row light and focus on form.  Make everything feel smooth.  Watch your power curve on the monitor, is it a smooth inverted parabola?  Where’s the peak?  Throw in some pauses on different parts of the recovery.  Be in control of your stroke at all times and maintain good posture.  If you find something that seems jerky or out of control try to change it and make it different.  Experiment a little and have some fun!

Rest Day 11/26/15: “The Gobble Gauntlet” – Happy Thanksgiving!

“The Gobble Gauntlet”

800m Run

50 Sit Ups

800m Run

40 Air Squats

800m Run

30 Burpees

800m Run

20 Push Ups

800m Run

10 Split Squat Jumps

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.  It’s a day of hanging out with family and friends while enjoying good food and football.  Many people do Turkey Trots or get up and walk the beach together before digging into a bountiful feast.  Hopefully you’ve got something planned.  If you don’t, try the Gobble Gauntlet with your friends.  Get outside and be active before relaxing for the rest of the day.

During the holidays you may be traveling or away from an erg, so be sure to stay active and get creative with your workouts.  Today is supposed to be a rest day, but this can count as active rest especially if you’re doing it for fun with friends and family.  Keep a consistent pace and keep pushing.  This is a good one to work on your endurance.

Post Time to comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rest Day 10/16/15: Where do you row? In a Gym? On the Water? With a Rowing Club?

Rest Day:

Where do you row? In a Gym? On the Water? With a Rowing Club?

Rowing as a sport has been exploding over the last couple of years. I’d love to hear from everyone. Where do you row? I’ve been in touch with many followers of the Renegade Rowing WOD as well as gym owners who have started their own rowing clubs. If I can help you take rowing to the next level please let me know.

It’s been said that Rowing Is Passion!

How do you incorporate rowing into your everyday training and what makes you passionate about this amazing sport?

Renegade Rowing was lucky enough to be interviewed by Alexa Pozniak of for a video and article on why rowing can be such a great fitness tool and how local rowers are training for the Head of the Charles. Having the opportunity to spread my knowledge and passion for the sport with the athletes of Wayland-Weston Crew, Boston College Men’s Crew, CrossFit Boston, and followers of Renegade Rowing is what I live for. Seeing all of you improve and find passion in rowing is what it’s all about. Feel free to share this video and article with your friends and look us up when you’re in Boston.

Rest Day 10/8/15: Go For a Walk! Along the Charles if Possible!

BC Men Spinning at the Canoe Kayak Dock - close to the finish line of the HOCR

Go For a Walk! Along the Charles if Possible!

Life get’s crazy, especially this time of year as we gear up for fall parties and the holidays.  Speaking of Holidays, the Head of the Charles is known to rowers as Rowing Christmas.  Every year on the third weekend of October, rowers past and present gather to remember the good old days and push themselves to the limit against the best in the world.  If you can get outside today, go for a walk along the Charles River.  You will more than likely see other random people both tall and small looking at the bridges and turns scouting their line for race day.  Keep an eye out for coaching launches filled with coxswains doing the same thing from the water.  The biggest regatta in the world is just over a week away.  Time to get excited!

Never seen the Head of the Charles Regatta before?  Try the following today!  Take 15 minutes today to stop.  Breathe.  And go for a walk.  If you’ve got a river or body of water nearby go for a stroll and watch some rowing.  How does the boat move in relation to the body?  What part of the stroke does the boat move the fastest?  How’s the form look compared to your erging?

If you’re lucky enough to do this please share your thoughts, where you were, and what you saw!