Rowing WOD 12/31: “The Castle” – 21min @ Varying Rates – Post Distance and Songs

Rowing WOD 12/31:

“The Castle”

The RRC getting after 2x2k after the holidays!

The RRC getting after 2x2k after the holidays!

Row for 21min as follows…

3′ @20 s/m, 3′ @24, 3′ @28, 3′ @26, 3′ @28, 3′ @24, 3′ @20

  • Focus on Rhythm and Ratio

As we head into preseason for the games and the last month of training for CRASH-B’s many athletes will need some extra time on the erg to focus on rhythm, timing, and overall form.  Today’s Rowing WOD is a great opportunity for any athlete, experienced or not, to get a sense of form and rhythm without the pressure of intensity and competition.  Sometimes it’s good to slow down for an active recovery day in order to go harder and faster later on down the road.

Rhythm and Endurance are two necessities for successful competition in longer WODs.  A great example would be the KB Swings and Pull Ups found in “Helen”.  Those who find a consistent rhythm can flow through the movements naturally and rely on their aerobic endurance without dipping into their anaerobic energy supply.

In today’s Rowing WOD the focus is developing rhythm and endurance.  Another word for rhythm in rowing is Ratio.  By varying the ratio of the drive to the recovery rowers can maintain the same pace or split, but work more efficiently and make the stroke feel lighter or heavier.

When going from a 20 stroke rating to a 24 you should focus on more pressure with the legs and quickly redirecting the hands through the finish.  This will help increase the stroke rating while leaving you the same amount of time to sit up, breathe, and relax as you slide forward on the recovery.

Post distance rowed to comments along with songs that helped you stick to each rating!

A project that I’ve been thinking about and have finally started thanks to Renegade Rower Mike T. is how to help people feel the proper rhythm and ratio by rowing to music.  Music can motivate us to push hard and row longer, but it can also give us a sense of timing.

Below is the start of a list of songs for various stroke ratings.  If you were to use a music editing program like garage band to clip these songs into 3min segments then you could perform today’s Rowing WOD completely in time to your favorite jams.

If you have Spotify, I’ve created a playlist for each stroke rating.  Each playlist is named “Renegade Rowing @(insert stroke rate)”, so for songs that you could row to at a 20 the playlist is named “Renegade Rowing @20”.  If you have favorite songs that go well at certain stroke ratings please feel free to add to the playlists on Spotify.  Thanks Mike for kick starting this project and I hope this helps motivate everyone to find better rhythm and ratio!

20 s/m
Mike Jones:  Back Then
Lil’ Flip:  Game Over (Flip)
Mims:  This Is Why I’m Hot
Coolio:  Gangsta’s Paradise
Portishead:  Wandering Star

22 s/m
Jurassic 5:  Quality Control
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince:  Parents Just Don’t Understand
Nelly:  Shake Ya Tailfeather (Feat. P. Diddy, Murphy Lee)
Christina Aguilera:  Genie In A Bottle

24 s/m
Clipse:  Grindin’
Drake:  Find Your Love
Natasha:  So Sick
Tupac Shakur:  I Get Around

Beenie Man:  Hmm Hmm
Kanye West:  Stronger
Nine Inch Nails:  Down In It

Daft Punk:  Da Funk
Nine Inch Nails:  Only
The Roots:  The Seed (2.0)
Steppenwolf:  Magic Carpet Ride (Feat. Philip Steir)

Carly Rae Jepsen:  Call Me Maybe
Kesha:  TiK ToK
Crystal Castles:  Vanished
Robyn:  Indestructible
Muse:  Supermassive Black Hole

David Guetta:  Who’s That Chick? (feat. Rihanna)
Flo Rida:  Club Can’t Handle Me (feat. David Guetta)
Paul Oakenfold:  Ready Steady Go
Rihanna:  S&M

Crystal Castles:  Not In Love (Radio Version) [feat. Robert Smith]
Nicki French – Total Eclipse of the Heart
U2:  Beautiful Day

Phoenix:  1901
Propellorheads:  History Repeating
Ricky Martin:  She Bangs
Billy Idol:  Cradle of Love