Rowing WOD 2/1/16: Steady 5k for Technique – Post Focus

Rowing WOD:

Steady State 5k

Checkout everyone's preparation for the catch!

Checkout everyone’s preparation for the catch!

  • Focus on Technique

For both Novice & Vets, today’s Rowing WOD is a chance to take a step back and focus on technique.  For those that are recovering from the big game, it’ll be a good way to get back into training this week. Each 1k of the 5k should be spent working on a different technique fix. By the end of the workout you will have been able to work on five technique points.

There is no fixed split or stroke rate today, but you should be working at a Perceived Rate of Exertion of about 80 – 85%. Just take the time to get good strokes in, and work out some kinks.  See if you can grab a friend to chat with throughout the piece.  Training with others is a lot more fun and showing someone a new sport is awesome!

Post what you focused on for technique and if you were able to share rowing with anyone!

Rowing WOD 1/25/16: Double Pyramids – 2x19min w/ 2min Rest – Post Distance

Rowing WOD:

Double Pyramids

2 x 19min as follows …

Both Mike and Bob have really started to develop suspension and ratio, keep it up guys!
  • 4′ @18 s/m, 3′ @20, 2′ @22, 1′ @24, 2′ @22, 3′ @20, 4′ @18

2min Rest

  • 4′ @20, 3′ @22, 2′ @24, 1′ @26, 2′ @24, 3′ @22, 4′ @20

Going into the Games season many athletes need to work on their rowing efficiency.  Taking a little extra time before the Open to focus on rhythm, timing, and overall form will go a long way in performance come game day.  Today’s Rowing WOD is a great opportunity for any athlete, experienced or not, to get a sense of form and rhythm without the pressure of intensity and competition.  Sometimes it’s good to slow down for an active recovery day in order to go harder and faster later on down the road.

Rhythm and Endurance are two necessities for successful competition in longer WODs.  A great example would be the KB Swings and Pull Ups found in “Helen”.  Those who find a consistent rhythm can flow through the movements naturally and rely on their aerobic endurance without dipping into their anaerobic energy supply.

In today’s Rowing WOD the focus is developing rhythm and endurance.  Another word for rhythm in rowing is Ratio.  By varying the ratio of the drive to the recovery rowers can maintain the same pace or split, but work more efficiently and make the stroke feel lighter or heavier.

When going from an 18 stroke rating to a 20 you should focus on more pressure with the legs and quickly redirecting the hands through the finish.  This will help increase the stroke rating while leaving you the same amount of time to sit up, breathe, and relax as you slide forward on the recovery.

Post you’re distance rowed to comments as well as your thoughts on Ratio.

Rowing WOD 1/11/16: 4x10min Spicy Steady State w/ 1min Rest – Post Total Distance

 Rowing WOD:

4 x 10 min Spicy Steady State w/ 1 min RestRRC 2012

  • 10′ @ 18 s/m**
  • 10′ @ 20 s/m**
  • 10′ @ 22 s/m**
  • 10′ @ Increasing Stroke Rating (5′ @24, 3′ @26, 2′ @28)

**First 3 Pieces – Row 4min Steady, 1min @-3 split seconds, 4min Steady, 1min @-3 split seconds (if you’re rowing 2:00 splits for 4min, then you would row the fifth minute at 1:57 while maintaining the same stroke rating)

**Hold the same stroke rating all the way through each piece, but vary the pressure with your legs depending on whether you’re rowing steady or 3 split seconds faster

This is a great opportunity to work on the rhythm and consistent effort needed in long WODs with movements like kettlebell swings and sumo deadlift high pulls.  Focus on maintaining consistent pressure through each stroke and every piece.  Rate of Perceived Exertion should be around 60% – 70%.  Effort level on the last piece is open and should be based on how you feel.  Set the monitor for intervals-time with 10 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest. During the rest stand up and stretch out your back and foam roll any areas that feel overly tense.

RRC AnjaNovice rowers should focus on one part of the stroke for each piece, like a horizontal handle path or trying to row feet out.

Vets should be dialing in their consistency.  During the last piece Vets should be focused on bringing their 500m split down as the stroke rating increases.

Post the total distance rowed to comments.

Rest Day 1/7/16: We’re Back! Check your Technique!

Anja's back in town and crushing it!

Anja’s back in town and crushing it!

Happy New Year Renegades!  I hope you had a great holiday season with family and friends.  I had a chance to explore Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Vermont since our last post.  The hot weather was nice, but I’m very excited for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing this winter.  When you’re not in the gym training hard be sure to get outside and enjoy this beautiful world we live in.  With out further ado, back to work!  Keep an eye out for changes to the website and new announcements.  I recently started a new job at Community Rowing Inc. and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Check your Technique!

What do you need work on?

To start off the new year the Renegade Rowing Club has added some triple pause drills into their warmup to really dial in their body awareness and technique.  Below is a video I took on Thursday morning of the :30 pieces that were programmed last Tuesday.  Listen carefully and you might hear me calling hustles for each Renegade to continue working on the changes they addressed in the warmup.

Use today as an active rest day and take 15 minutes to row light and focus on form.  Make everything feel smooth.  Watch your power curve on the monitor, is it a smooth inverted parabola?  Where’s the peak?  Throw in some pauses on different parts of the recovery.  Be in control of your stroke at all times and maintain good posture.  If you find something that seems jerky or out of control try to change it and make it different.  Experiment a little and have some fun!

Rest Day 12/17/15: What does your warmup entail? – Share!

RR Decal for Competitors at Renegade Rowing League!

RR Decal for Competitors at Renegade Rowing League!

Performing an appropriate warmup for the workout that is set out each day can make or break a performance.  Below is the warmup we use fairly consistently in classes at the Renegade Rowing Club.  It’s a good 10min warmup to focus on control, connection, and recovering to strength.  Checkout how slow the Renegade Rowing Club approaches the catch in the beginning.  Executing this drill with control will allow you to really focus on putting technique changes into effect and hitting that catch with good timing and connection.

Please share what you do for a warmup when rowing is involved in the workout.  What is your focus?

Renegade Rowing Club Warmup:

1min – 1/2 Legs Only

1min – Full Legs Only

1min – Legs and Body Only

1min – Full Stroke

1min – Pause @1/2 Slide Every Stroke

5min – 10 Strokes On/ 10 Strokes Off, 15 On/15 Off, 20 On/20 Off