Rest Day 2/7/13: Got enough Iron in your life?

Rest Day 2//7/13:

Got enough Iron in your life?UVM HOCR

Here’s a great post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition on Iron and a fun recipe to get some!

One of the bigger challenges when you’re eating healthier is that you have to spend a little more time planning ahead and preparing foods. What better time than rest day to do a little cooking? Here in Boston it’s a balmy 20 degrees outside, so some southern comfort food seemed like a great idea. And, as a bonus, collard greens are a great source of nutrients including vitamins K, A, and C, folate, and fiber. You can also reach 25% of your daily needs for calcium and 12% of your daily iron needs in just one cup! A great find for anyone dealing with anemia or having trouble getting enough iron in their diet. (
Collard Greens w/ Pulled Pork

Collard Greens w/ Pulled Pork

So, if you’re in the mood for something awesome, try these paleo friendly southern style collard greens. Hint: They have BACON!

Rest Day 12/16: How do you Explain your diet? – Share your method!

Rest Day 12/16:

How do you explain your diet?

Here are some great tips from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition as we hit the Holidays!

Explaining Your Diet

paleo posterIt can be hard sometimes to explain a new diet or workout routine to  friends and family, Whether you went Paleo or just decided to get healthier, if you’re the pioneer health nut in your social circle, it can be challenging to explain why you don’t love pasta or ice cream night anymore. I’ve had a few people ask me how I explain it, because they are simply fed up trying to get everyone to get it. And the same response won’t work in every situation.  So, to help you get through holiday parties without enduring the third degree, here are a few different situations, and a response I’d use for each.

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Rest Day 12/9: Be a Champion, Eat Breakfast!

Eat Breakfast!

Eat Breakfast!

Rest Day 12/9:

Be a Champion, Eat Breakfast!

Here’s a great post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition on quick paleo breakfast and some reasons why everyone should eat breakfast!

Breakfast of Champions – Paleo Eggs and Greens

Quick, easy, Paleo breakfast for the morning.


2 tsp coconut oil, olive oil, or bacon grease

1 cup greens (collard, kale, spinach)

1 cup chopped onions and peppers

4 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

4 slices of bacon, fried or baked

1/2 avocado

… Get the nutrition and recipe details here along with good reasons for eating breakfast …


Rest Day 12/6: What’s for Lunch and Where are you eating it?

Rest Day 12/6:

What’s for Lunch and Where are you eating it?

Here’s a good post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition on a desk lunch that will step up your game a little bit!

Happy Desk Lunch! Tuna Avocado Bowls

Cat WorkingIf you’re like many Americans, you probably have a desk job, at which you sit 7-9 hours per day, and/or eat your lunch at said desk most of the time.

And sadly, I do it too. And sometimes it can get challenging to pack good meals. You have to plan ahead or you end up eating junk. You have to bring stuff you like, because, when you’ve had a rough day, awesome food is just more appealing than boring food. However, the inspiration to write a blog post about it didn’t come until I stumbled upon this tumblr, called “sad desk lunch”. It is basically a running photo blog of the meals people eat at their desk. Some don’t look too bad, but most to me look pretty, well, sad.

But don’t worry, I’m here to save you from the boredom! Every now and then I’ll start posting the meals I eat for lunch at my desk. They’ll usually be either portable or made from ingredients that can be stored an assembled in a typical office kitchen. My first recipe is tuna avocado boats with Dijon mustard and dill. They’re almost Paleo (minus the Greek Yogurt) and delicious!

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Rest Day 11/22: Happy Thanksgiving! – Tips for Healthy Holidays!

Rest Day 11/22:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and get a chance to eat some good food with friends and family.  Below is a great post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition on how to enjoy yourself and stay healthy this holiday season!

Image c/o

GOBBLE GOBBLE! Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving marks the first feast of the many you’ll eventually have during a typical holiday season. While Thanksgiving is a time to eat good food, celebrate family and cultural traditions, and enjoy being around loved ones, it can be those things without completely derailing the diet you’ve been crushing lately. Because, the holidays don’t have to be a 6 week hiatus from all healthy habits. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track AND enjoy delicious, tasty foods this holiday season.

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