Rest Day 3/28/13: Will you be at the CrossFit Rowing Course June 8-9 in Boston? Share!

Rest Day 3/28/13:

Shane FarmerWill you be at the CrossFit Rowing Course June 8-9 in Boston?

This weekend athletes and trainers from around the Northeast are coming to CrossFit Boston to get their Level 1 CrossFit Certification.  They’re interested in learning more about CrossFit and taking their knowledge to the next level so they can share their love and passion for constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement with their family, friends, and community.



If you feel the same way about Rowing, especially when combining it with CrossFit, then you should come get some knowledge too!  CrossFit Boston will be hosting a 2-Day CrossFit Rowing Trainer’s Course June 8-9.  On Saturday CrossFit Rowing Coach Shane Farmer will be dropping some know-how on the erg and on Sunday all participants will get a chance to take their new-found knowledge to the water at Community Rowing.

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Rest Day 2/7/13: Got enough Iron in your life?

Rest Day 2//7/13:

Got enough Iron in your life?UVM HOCR

Here’s a great post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition on Iron and a fun recipe to get some!

One of the bigger challenges when you’re eating healthier is that you have to spend a little more time planning ahead and preparing foods. What better time than rest day to do a little cooking? Here in Boston it’s a balmy 20 degrees outside, so some southern comfort food seemed like a great idea. And, as a bonus, collard greens are a great source of nutrients including vitamins K, A, and C, folate, and fiber. You can also reach 25% of your daily needs for calcium and 12% of your daily iron needs in just one cup! A great find for anyone dealing with anemia or having trouble getting enough iron in their diet. (
Collard Greens w/ Pulled Pork

Collard Greens w/ Pulled Pork

So, if you’re in the mood for something awesome, try these paleo friendly southern style collard greens. Hint: They have BACON!

Rest Day 1/10/13: Have you ever tried Bison? Checkout this recipe!

Rest Day 1/10/13:

Bison_MeatSauceHave you ever tried Bison?

Checkout this recipe from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition.  It is delicious!

Also, if you’re looking to get into Paleo with some friends, checkout this fun challenge I’ve helped create –

Grain Free “Spaghetti” with Bison Meat Sauce and Arugula

SpaghettiSqash_MeatSauceI’m a big fan of grass-fed meat and an even bigger fan of bison, but last week I hit the jackpot! A friend hooked me up with some Vermont bison thanks to the guys at the Bison Project. And this is what I did with it.

…Get the step by step here …

Rest Day 1/3/13: Should we go Paleo? Checkout the Paleo Golf Challenge and let us know!

Rest Day 1/3/13:




Should we go Paleo?

Checkout the Paleo Golf Challenge and let us know!

On New Years Day Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition and myself launched a new business via our website!  If you’re interested in eating healthier and making a lifestyle change, we have the tools, resources, and competition to get you were you want to go!  Checkout the website and our first post on the Paleo Diet to see what it’s all about.

If you’d like to try something from the Paleo Diet checkout this great Paleo Stuffed Pepper Recipe as well!

Paleo Stuffed Peppers

photo 1Why does getting back on track after the holidays seem so difficult sometimes? Motivation is high this time of year, but many find it tough to stick with that new diet. One of the best ways to help you stick with a new – or renewed – diet is to take the extra time to make some delicious food, instead of forcing yourself to eat something that tastes boring or plain bad because it’s “healthy”. These fairly easy stuffed peppers will make things a little easier.

…Click here for the step by step recipe and experience Paleo! …

Rowing WOD 9/18: 8 x 2:30 On, 1:15 off – Post Distance Rowed and Avg Splits

Renegade Rowing Team getting their point to start the Rumble on the River

Rowing WOD 9/18:

8 x 2:30 On, 1:15 Off

  • @28-32 s/m
  • 5k Pace or Faster

  • Be Consistent

  • Row more than 5k

Today’s Rowing WOD builds on last weeks Rowing WOD and is a test of your endurance and stamina.  For those athletes focused more on running, swimming, or biking this can be a good WOD to really keep the intensity up while improving form.

Today’s Rowing WOD is an interval workout aimed at pushing your ability to go hard for a whole 5k, whether it’s on the water, on the erg, or in some other sport.  Set the monitor for 2min 30sec of work and 1min 15sec of rest.  During the rest continue to paddle lightly at 16-18 strokes per minute, this will help you recover, get faster for the next interval, and fine tune your muscle memory of an ideal stroke.  Even towards the end, as fatigue sets in, focus on good form during the piece and on the paddle.  Your goal should be to hold a 5k split or better every piece.  If you’ve never done a 5k, a 5k average split tends to be 5-7 seconds slower than your 2k split.

Post Total Distance Rowed and Average Split for the whole workout to comments.